Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Why Should You Use A Wedding/Party Planner?

This is a question that is asked by clients as well as industry professionals. The title Wedding Consultant has been misused so often that it has become confusing for people to truly understand what a professional Wedding Consultant really does.

We all know that professional photographers produce beautiful pictures and present them in elegant wedding albums. Videographers capture all of the colorful emotions of the wedding day in a video. The wedding florist works hard to arrange a picture perfect bouquet for the bride and fill the ceremony and reception area with beautiful flowers. The Wedding DJ (or band) plays the role of Master of Ceremonies and sets the tone with music.

Nearly every professional in the wedding industry has a tangible product that they offer brides. A Wedding Consultant, however, has a more challenging time trying to sell an intangible service. So what does a Wedding Consultant really do?

Professional Wedding Consultants wear many hats.
    Some handle administrative functions for the bride and groom, taking care of all the paperwork for the couple.
    Some also act as mediator between the bride and groom and the various people and facilities involved in the wedding (Church, reception facility, vendors, family members, minister, etc.).
    Many take the role of financial planners who assist couples in creating a realistic budget and help them stick to it.
    Some Consultants are teachers who educate couples on wedding etiquette and protocol.
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    Some are legal consultants who review contracts before the couple actually signs on the dotted line.
    Most are talent recruiters who recommend the most professional and suitable vendors for each couple.
    Some Consultants are designers who make sure everything is presented well and is color-coordinated.
    Some even are mental therapists who work hard to keep everybody sane in the midst of all the stress; fire fighters who are quick in responding to negative issues and thus quick to put out fires.
    And lastly, most Consultants are the logistics managers who cater to every detail during the planning stages and on the wedding day.

With "wedding planning" topping people's list as one of the biggest projects of their life, doesn't it make sense to hire a "project manager" to lead the way?

Besides allowing brides to focus on preparing herself for the big day, many professional Wedding Consultants can also be helpful to vendors making sure vendors are paid on time and helping to convey what the bride and groom really wants. Some create logistically brilliant timelines and share them with all vendors. 

As team leader on the bride's and groom's wedding day,
    Wedding Consultants serve as the point person for everyone involved in the wedding.
    They want the team of professionals to do a spectacular job so they are constantly communicating with each vendor.
    Some especially make sure that each vendor is up to date on any changes on the wedding itinerary and make certain that vendors receive their meal in a timely manner.

With the presence of a professional Wedding Consultant, everyone benefits.
    The bride and groom can focus on being the guests of honor.
    Having a Consultant frees up all the other professionals to utilize their gifts or talents to the fullest, not having to spend their energy on the time consuming aspects of the planning.

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The next time you hear someone comment, what exactly does a Wedding Consultant Do? The better question is what is it they don't do?
What are some areas that a Wedding Consultant may be responsible for?
•    Provide resources for reliable and trustworthy vendors.
•    Give guidance in a cost-effective planning approach.
•    Offer etiquette guidance.
•    Provide traditional, contemporary and practical tips.
•    Monitor Wedding expenses and payment.
•    Advise on contracts, bill of sale and proposals.
•    Attend the rehearsal, ceremony and reception to insure a smooth effortless day.

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