Monday, June 25, 2018

8 Summer Wedding tips!

1. Schedule Frequent Manicures

As soon as you get engaged, everyone is going to ask to see that rock “the RING”.

2. Whiten Your Teeth

You’ll want pearly whites for all those pictures you’ll be posing for (but we also know how crucial coffee is during the planning process).

3. Eat Healthier

A great tip is to try staying away from sugar, lots of sodium and processed foods.

4. Get Active

“Working out will help tighten and firm your body while also detoxing your whole body.

5. Lift Weights

A set of dumbbells will be your key to a more toned back, arms and shoulders.

6. Prep Your Face

Weekly exfoliation, either physical or chemical, can provide you with a smooth surface for makeup application.

7. Do a Makeup Test Run

Besides your hair trial, you should also schedule a makeup trial at least three months before the wedding.

8. Take Care of Your Brows

If you do your own tweezing, take this opportunity to splurge on brow shaping.

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