Saturday, August 10, 2019

Go Green! Green Wedding Receptions

Go Green Live Sustainably

GREEN Wedding Reception from Caterers to Gifts


Organic, Fair Trade, Eco Friendly, Sustainable, Green Wedding Reception from Caterers to Gifts

When planning your wedding reception create what you have always wanted and then check and see what components of your event you can create Green.

Find a caterer who works with organic, fair trade, local when available ingredients and ask them to make your favorite foods.
Look for a picture of what you would like your wedding cake to look like and send it a baker that works with organic, fair trade ingredients.

Work to support your local vendors whenever possible by special ordering your eco friendly products through them. If you are having a destination wedding try to support your local vendors and the vendors at your destination.

When requesting items that are not available locally, look to support fair trade, sustainable, eco friendly, ethical suppliers whenever possible.
Use reusable items whenever possible.

Try buying cloth tablecloths and napkins picked out from the fabric store to be made into anything from curtains to dresses after the wedding. Find organic, fair trade fabrics to work with and ask a friend or hire a local seamstress to hem the ends. You will need approximately 3 ½ yards of fabric for each table cloth. Be sure and measure.
Have your table center pieces be live small trees or plants to send home with your guests to plant in memory of your wedding day. Choose organic plants or plan ahead and plant your own to nurture until the wedding day. Plant flowers to harvest your own flowers to decorate your ceremony and reuse for the reception.  Buy local flowers from around town. Wild craft or harvest you foliage for the greenery to mix with your flowers or ask your florist to request wild crafted ethically harvested greenery and to use an organic fair trade flower supplier. They are out there and their prices are comparable and in some cases less expensive.

Use sustainable, ethically harvested paper products for your invitations, announcements, directions, programs, and welcome letters for destination weddings and out of town guests.  Be creative, my favorite is eco friendly paper with seeds and small flowers embedded in, your guests have the option of planting the paper and seeing a beautiful flower garden grow from you wedding paper.

Look on line for locations that are already following eco friendly, green practices. If you find that perfect location inspire them to become eco friendly and green for more than your wedding. From lodging, restaurants, wedding ceremony and reception locations go green.

Supply your locations with natural cleaning products for before and after the event, from window cleaner to toilet paper, inspire your vendors to go green and protect your guests from toxic chemicals. Check and see that the dishes are washed with natural products and do not smell of chemical dish soap.
Greet your out of town guests at the airport or train station with a welcome basket consisting of natural tooth paste, tooth brushes made from recycled materials, organic fair trade chocolates, organic sprouted seed bread, organic olive oil, finest locally produced organic raw cheeses, organic non canola oil cereal, organic green tea and coffee, recycled napkins, recycled natural non GMO organic plastic spoons, forks and knifes.  Organic milk product. Blue Agave or local raw honey sweetener for the tea and coffee. Natural coffee cups and bowls. A welcome letter printed on ethically and sustainably harvested paper products.

 Make a wish list or theme for your wedding gifts so your guests know what you are wanting. From organic linens to organic non GMO garden themes your guest will want to know what you want for your wedding gifts.

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