Wednesday, April 18, 2018

6 Tips for Wedding Seating Arrangements

Aunt Lizzy wants to sit near Aunt Fran and Bob wants to chat with Joe and you need to make sure everyone gets a chance to be near the people they want to sit with. NOT an easy task, but this is how you will make your guests happy and comfortable.

1 Go through your list and see who the buddies are outside of family lines.

2.  If you invite kids you can put kids at a table by themselves  near a table  of parents nearby if they are old enough (over 5).

3 If anyone is disabled or Ill it will be best to put their table near the door and not across the room in a corner.

4 Put your youngest and biggest partyers near the bandstand and your guests more sensitive to music in the far end of the room.

5 Make sure everything is symmetrical.

6. Food service, Buffets...Don't put a buffet with stations on opposite ends of a room with tables in the middle and make people carry plates across the floor.

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