Monday, March 19, 2018

What Type Of DJ Do You Want To Be?

Literally every day a DJ is asking someone somewhere for tips and advice on how to get gigs playing in clubs or parties or even how to become the next superstar.

The five types of DJ…

Mobile DJs – These are the guys who are playing at wedding receptions, bar mitzvahs, corporate events and so on.

Sports/college bar DJ – If you see one of these DJs playing, you might think they are similar to mobile DJs, but they are more a cross between what you’ll see a mobile DJ do and what a club DJ will do.

Mainstream club DJ – Moving up the ladder from playing smaller bars is the mainstream club. These are the spots you’ll see that might range from the tourist trap to the glam bottle service club.

Underground club DJ – This is probably the one spot most young DJs want to be in. Big or small, they want to be the DJ in the cool venue that plays music that isn’t normally heard in the realm of the mainstream.

Rave DJ – I could throw this under the “underground club DJ” slot, but there is a bigger difference now between someone who shows up and playing a normal set of house or trance in a big club versus the guy who shows up at a massive one-night event and plays music most clubs wouldn’t touch.

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